/lʌk / (say luk)

1. that which happens to a person, either good or bad, as if by chance, in the course of events: to have good luck.
2. good fortune; advantage or success considered as the result of chance: to wish someone luck.
3. bad (or tough) luck, (sometimes ironic) (an exclamation of sympathy to someone in misfortune.)
4. be in luck, to experience good fortune.
5. be out of luck, to experience a frustration of one's wishes, expectations, or needs.
6. down on one's luck, in poor or unfortunate circumstances.
7. good luck, (an exclamation conveying the good wishes of the speaker.)
8. half your luck, Colloquial (an expression indicating envy at someone else's good luck.)
9. here's luck, (an expression of goodwill, especially as a toast.)
10. in luck's way, Colloquial lucky.
11. just one's luck, typical of one's luck, regarded as invariably bad.
12. luck out, Colloquial
a. to run out of luck; experience misfortune.
b. to come into luck; experience good fortune.
13. no such luck, (usually ironic) unfortunately not.
14. one's luck is in, one is experiencing a continued run of good fortune.
15. out of luck, unlucky.
16. push one's luck,
a. to try for some gain over and above what one has already achieved in the hope one's luck will hold good: *Don't push your luck too far, Gant. –len riley, 1967.
b. to take a risk by doing something that is proscribed or considered improper, too difficult, etc.
17. the devil's own luck or the luck of the devil, unusually good fortune.
18. the luck of the draw, the outcome of chance.
19. the luck of the Irish, Colloquial
a. good luck, popularly associated with a connection with magic beings of Celtic tradition.
b. good and bad luck mixed, from the observation of Irish history in which good fortune has been followed by extreme misfortune.
20. try one's luck, to make an attempt in the hope that success or good fortune will be the outcome.
21. worse luck, (an exclamation expressing disappointment): I just missed the flight, worse luck!
{Middle English lucke, from Middle Dutch luk, related to Old Norse lykka}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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